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Refund Policy

1. Any order that hasn’t been started on qualifies for a %90 refund at any point in time as long as the refund request was made before we started working on the order.

2. For orders that have been started are still able to partial refund. The refund amount will correspond to how much progress is done.

3. 2 Options for refund methods. First one is site credit for future use and the second one is the same payment method that was initially used to make the purchase.

4. We are able to refund order changes. For an example, If you want to change "Streaming" future and request refund we are able to refund that amount of money with the same methods. (3. above)

5. We can refund in exceptional cases, If anything is not listed above, please contact us via Live Customer Support or Mail. We would like to solve the issue you are having.

6. Refund payments will include -%10 fee.

7. In a case where customer’s performance is not good enough to complete an order while a guaranteed service has been purchased, we reserve the right to ask the customer to hire an additional booster or convert the order to SOLO Boost in order to complete the order. If the customer refuses, we will need to charge for the time invested by the booster at a rate of $20/hr. We are very flexible and will do our best to be fair towards our valued customers and employees.