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Our well-trained and professional boosting team will play in your account or with you in a party if you decide to do so. Our rank boosting team is capable of any rank or division. Our boosting service is suitable for anyone who's looking to fast-track their ranked progession.

IS IT SAFE? Of course yes! Our booster team well-trained and know how to adapt in most difficult situation. They play in your account with VPN Enabled, It will look like they are playing from your country. Also we take all the actions to protect your account safety, privacy and integrity. Our booster are determined to follow all the detailed instruction that you will give. Also It is impossible to make changes on your account such as changing password etc.

HOW LONG IT TAKES? First of all it depends on your current and desired rank basically your order. We usually finish our orders around 24 hours. If it is a 1 division boost we finish it in hours. If you want us to get your desired rank and the gap is huge It may take around 1-2 days. You can also live chat with your booster and get live update and approximate time. If you have different kind of questions feel free to contact via customer support.

WHAT IS RANK BOOSTING AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Rank boosting basically avoiding getting matched against the same trollers, intentional feeders or cheaters. Our boosting service is so good for the bullied and downtrodden. Why you should waste your time with trollers or feeders, by buying rank boosting service you basically buy time. We know that you are not on your real rank because of trollers or bad teammates. Because of this reason you should give us a chance! Basically, one of our boosters will login into your account with VPN enabled, to ensure your privacy and account's safety and will proceed to get your desired rank and will get you out of elo hell. It is that simple, If you prefer, you can chose "Duo queue" feature to play with our booster to achieve your desired rank.

HOW IS THE PROCESS? After you have successfully made payment for your rank boosting order, you will be instantly directed to your order page. On that page, you will enter your Location of VPN, ID and PASSWORD. After entering your details, you are able to make hero preference or give instructions to the booster via live booster chat. After you have successfully entered your details, we will start working as fast as possible.

I'VE PAID WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? Instantly after you make payment, we will redirect you to your order page where you can input your account details so we can log in and start work. Your account is protected at all times through VPN and encryption.

Why buy a Rank Boost on Ghost Boosting? We as Ghost Boosting understandd all of your needs and concerns as a customer. We all have been players before and we already know every person gives so much value on their account. As an ex-player we know that different people have different ways of enjoying game. We try and do our best to prodive the best quality and safe service for the people who have their concerns as a player and customer. You may not have enough time to climb back to your real rank or you may not have enough luck to have good teammates every single game in elo hell. We see that frustrating side of the game and we offer you the best rank boosting service. If you think that you are one of the person above, just give us a shot! If you still have any concern or question please feel free to contact us via customer support we would be more than happy to help you and answer your questions in your mind. You can check reviews and completed orders to make yourself relieved. We hope that we answered all of your questions and we are looking forward to working on your order! Take care!