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Here we have the answers of FAQ.

You choose the service you want to get to increase your skill and performance in the game you're playing. You pay depending on the service you choose. After you make the payment of the service you choose. You give us your account details (ID, PW) or one of our boosters play with you and we help you to get your desired rank. Currently we have top tier booster quality in our site to help you to get best result.

We work with best booster in the scene and your account details are only shared with our admin on the duty. It is not possible for someone to steal your account.

The answer is %99 no. We as Ghost Boosting's service never use any cheats or 3rd party program that the Game Company has banned. If none of your friends or people around you ticket riot about it you will not get banned because your safety is our priority. If your account gets banned because of booster, we will punish the booster and your expenses will be covered.

Yes you can, Please read our Refund Policy.

Depending on the desired and your current rank we may say approximate time. You can also chat with booster on order page to how long is it going to take.

After your payment you will redirect to new page, If you shut that page down or anything you can go back to that page from Order History section.

Yes you can. Just choose Duo queue on the order page.

We have strict rules for boosters and the only thing they are allowed is boosting your account. If anything happens, we will cover your buys.

Yes, our boosters are able to play any hero that you want us to play.

Yes, you can pick STREAMING add-on for %20 extra.

We have live chat application on the order page where you can chat with booster real-time.

Yes, you can. All you need to do just contact customer support.

There is slight possibility (%0.01) for getting banned but it's almost none. For last few years we almost did not receive any reports around it. If you get banned because of boosting we are not taking responsibility of it.