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Here we have the answers of FAQ.

First step is deciding which ELO Boost / Valorant Boosting service you want. After making your choice, you will need to make an order on ghostboosting.com. After making your payment, most suitable Valorant Booster / LoL booster will assigned to your order and will start boost with in 10 minutes. In Solo ELo Boost or Valorant Boosting option, our Valorant Booster or LoL booster plays in your account and starts the process. On Duo Elo boost or Duo Valorant Boosting option, Valorant Booster or LoL booster plays with you in a party so you will not need to share ID and Password.

We work with the best Valorant booster / LoL Booster in the sectory. It is not possible for booster to make changes on your account. Also your ID and Password is only shared with the admin on duty.

The answer is basically no but in details, Riot games forbid to share your account with other people this includes your friend. So Elo Boost / Valorant Boosting has the same risk as you share your ID and PW with your friend.

Yes you can, Please read our Refund Policy.

On Elo boost orders or Valorant boosting orders depends on the desired and your current rank we may say approximate time. You can also chat with Valorant booster or LoL Booster on order page to how long is it going to take.

After making your Elo Boost or Valorant Boosting payment you will be redirected to your order page, If you have trouble with being redirected, you can go back to your order page by following these steps My Account>My Orders section.

Yes you can play with Valorant Booster or LoL Booster. Just choose Duo queue option on the order summary page. Duo Queue Available on Valorant Duo Boost and LoL duo boost

No they can not. We work with the best LoL booster or Valorant boosters in the scene, they are not allowed to use any of your VP or RP.

Yes, you can pick STREAMING add-on for %20 extra.

We have live chat application on Valorant boosting or LoL boosting order page where you can chat with booster real-time.

Yes, you can. All you need to do just contact customer support.