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About Us

As creators of Ghost Boosting started as players and boosters, we all know our customer's worries, fears and frusturations. We focus on pleasing our customer the best we can. We are aware of SAFE issues that customer has that's why we give every detailed info druing the customer process. We offer you cheapest in the industry because we follow every update in the industry. We help you to get your desired rank as fast as possible because we hired the best boosters in the industry. We put all of our effort to be the safest boosting service! We've been bosting business for years, as old players we know our customer's concerns, needs and frustirations. Our booster team consist of most skilled and safest and well-trained players. Our main goal is to complete our boosts safe, fast and without any issue.

Dear customers! We all started as player then became booster. We know your concerns about boosting service. We work hard on it, We personally hire best booster's in the scene privately to minimaze the risks. Your accounts are %99.99 safe with us! ENJOY THE SERVICE.

We can clearly understand your concern so we decided to put so much effort to gain your trust. Every single one of our booster, using VPN to make it safe and other safe softwares such as offline mode. Our boosters are very well-trained so they never expose themselves while doing their job.

We focus on your privacy. Besides the mesurements that we are taking also we trained our boosters to follow all the instructions given to us by our customer. Your VPN selection, hero preferences, role and timeslots are fully followed by our booster.

Customer panel (order page) is fully equipped with features to allow you communicate easily with us and booster. During the process you will have all control of your order and account. You can live chat with booster itself or customer support.

We are ready to answer your questions 7/24 via our live chat. Even your smallest concern or question will be answered carefully by out live support chat. If you think that you will need deeper support you can contact us through help@ghostboosting.com